Who We Are

Statement of Purpose

The Sonoma County Taxpayers’ Association (STCA) is non-profit and non-partisan.  We are a public policy advocate encouraging the adoption of sound government fiscal policies while at the same time drawing attention to mismangement and waste.  Our purpose is to monitor public spending and provide information and recommendations to both taxpayers and government that will result in efficient, effective and quality public service.

Longevity: SCTA was established in 1945 to serve the taxpayers.

Credibility: Public opinion holds that SCTA is the most respected organization of its kind in Sonoma County.

Unbiased: SCTA is a totally non-partisan organization.

Diversification: The board of directors and general membership is made up of men and women representing diverse areas of the county and diverse perspectives.

Voice: SCTA is your voice at Board of Supervisors, city councils and regulatory board meetings protecting your tax interests.

Protection: SCTA is often the only organization working to protect you from run-away taxation.

Accountability: We hold local government accountable for their spending by reviewing their budgets and monitoring expenditures.

Tax Savings: SCTA has saved Sonoma County taxpayers millions of dollars.

Information: It is very difficult to stay on top of all the issues which affect your tax dollars, therefore SCTA provides insights and capsulized information through its newsletter which go to all members.

Integrity: SCTA’s only interest is you, the taxpayer of Sonoma County.

We are Committed to:

* Accountability by government
* Balanced government budgets
* Responsible government spending
* Excellence in education
* Efficient government
* Effective government
* Quality public service
* Eliminating government waste
* Voicing outrage at irresponsible government spending
* Monitoring government spending


The Sonoma County Taxpayers’ Association is a non-profit, non-partisan organization which accepts no government funds, and was formed in 1945 by local citizens to represent taxpayers’ interest. It continues today as a strong voice for cost-effective, accountable government and asks for your backing and participation.

Board of Directors and Officers

Officers & Executive Committee
Tim Hannan, President Attorney
Bob Williamson, Vice President Retired Controller
Bryant Moynihan, Treasurer/Secretary Real Estate
Dan Drummond, Executive Director Attorney
Kirk Veale Advertising
Preston Smith Real Estate
Carol Giovanatto Retired City Manager
Joanne Sanders Business Owner
Mike Robertson Civil Engineer
Thom Glenn Retired Businessman
Tom Croft Financial Planner
Fred Fisher Agriculture
Ellen Jori Writer/Agriculture
Jack Abercrombie Retired Business Owner