What was the SMART Board Thinking

The following letter to the editor was published in The Press Democrat and was written by Association Director Mark Burchill:  

 One must have been hiking the Appalachian Trail for the past decade to be unaware of the fiscal train wreck that our state and local governments are dealing with, as they try to mitigate the crushing burden of exceedingly generous employee retirement benefits.  One statement repeated many times is that the benefits were already promised, and can’t be changed for existing personnel.  They can only be moderated for new hires. 

 So what was the SMART Board thinking when, as a brand-new government agency, they set up another high-priced retirement program?  The SMART Board had a blank sheet, which offered them the opportunity to act responsibly.  Instead, they repeated the same mistake that politicians have been making over the past decade.   

 The Marin County Grand Jury is correct.  This blatant example of irresponsible politicians throwing our money around like confetti needs to be stopped now.



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