Water and Waste Water Reuse

No single issue impacts Sonoma County’s long term economic viability thatn the availablity of water for homes, agriculture and business, as well as the appropriate use and distribution of waste water which is an intergral part of our water supply.  Recent discussions by the Board of Supervisors and the County Water Agency translate into a need for all impacted agencies and especially municipal water utilities and waste water treatment and distribution entities along with conservation and fish preservation interests, planning and economic development agencies, wine grape growers and other agricultural interests and those interested in necessary growth and development to get together to design a strategy to deal with the issue.

Each Agency cannot pursue stand alone actions, be it rate increases, conservation off and on, costly litigation and mutual finger pointing.  Some current positions on Ele River diversions or fish protection may need to be modified.  Likewise many utility or City and County General Plans may be in part obsolete.  Utility rates and developer fees along with supporting plans may no longer be valid.  The public and private sections need to get together and develop a concensus where we are heading and the alternatives to get there in order for the appropriate public policy discussions can be put on the table.   I suggest the Sonoma County Taxpayers’ Association call for and co-sponsor such a summit.

Kurt Hahn

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