Taxpayers’ Association Voters Guide

Sonoma County Taxpayers’ Association Voters’ Guide

 Measure M – Gravenstein Union School Dist. Bond                        YES

Measure N – Roseland Elementary School Dist. Bond                     NO

Measure P – Wilmar Union School Dist. Bond                                   NO

Measure R – Santa Rosa, Binding Arbitration                                   YES

Measure S – Santa Rosa, Design-Build                                                YES

Measure V – Healdsburg Sales Tax Increase                                       NO

Measure X – Petaluma Parcel Tax                                                         NO

Measure Y – Sebastopol Sales Tax Increase                                        NO

Measure Z – Rancho Adobe Fire Dist. Parcel Tax                             YES

Proposition 30 – Sales and Income Tax Increases                             NO

Proposition 32 – Prohibition of Payroll Deduction                           YES

For Political Activities

Proposition 37 – GMO Labeling                                                             NO

Proposition 38 – Income Tax Increases                                                NO

Proposition 39 – Tax Treatment of Multi-State Corporations         NO

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