Talk About Deception

A recent PD editorial claims deception on the part of those wishing to repeal SMART’s Measure Q, the quarter cent sales tax. The actual deception has come from the SMART District itself. Let’s summarize SMART’s deception; financial plans that were not realistic, generous employee pay and benefits, the system’s implementation schedule, environmental approvals, congestion relief, passenger estimates, and the biggest deception of all, implementing a 70 mile system.

The PD editorial staff is also complicit in SMART’s deceptions. The staff has been supporting the commuter train boondoggle for well over 10 years. Now they are urging voters to continue spending taxpayer’s money on this ill-conceived and badly managed system. They state that SMART will “spend its money wisely and make sound decisions” if only given a chance. Really? How much more taxpayer money must be spent on the District and system that has already deceived us?

People are fed up with lies and deceptions. Let’s sign the petition and pass the Measure in order to stop the waste and start planning for an alternate transit system that truly provides, efficient, effective and economical transportation for the citizens of both counties.

The PD did not publish this letter to the editor.

Fred Levin

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