May 19, 2009 State Propositions

The Sonoma County Taxpayers’ Association’s Board of Directors met on April 16th to discuss and determine the recommended positions on the Propositions that will appear on the May 19, 2009 state ballot.  The board recommends the following:

1A – No vote – It is unlikely to provide the needed spending discipline and the price of passage is steep at $16 billion in added taxes.

1B – No Vote – Both 1A and 1B are tied together.  It would add $9.3 billion to what is already in the budget for education.

1C – No Vote –  It borrows from future revenues that would have been directed to education.  We must stop this insidious practice of borrowing to balance the state’s budget.

1D & 1E – No Vote – These Propositions undercut the stated will of the voters and take money from already approved Propositions.

1F – Yes Vote –  Although this Proposition has no material effect on the budget mess, it does send a message to the state’s elected officials that the taxpayers are fed up with their performance.

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