Local Ballot Measures N thru Q

Measure N- Sonoma County Ordinance Change.
This measure would amend County ordinance 305A to remove responsibility for appointing the Director of Human Relations from the Civil Service Commission and give it to the Board of Supervisors.
Association’s Recommendation: This is not a tax issue, no position has been taken.

Measure O – City of Santa Rosa’s Urban Growth Boundaries.
This measure, if approved by the voters, would extend the current City’s Urban Growth Boundaries until 12/31/2035.
Association’s Recommendation: This is not a tax issue, no position has been taken.

Measure P – City of Santa Rosa Sales Tax Increase.
This measure would increase the City’s sales tax by a quarter cent (from 9.25% to 9.5%) for an eight (8) year period. The additional revenue would help maintain essential city services, including police and fire protection, violent and gang crime prevention, pedestrian safety and other public safety issues, as well as, street paving and pothole repairs, park safety and recreation/youth programs. This measure could pass with a majority vote.
Association’s Recommendation: No
Remember Measure O, a quarter cent sales tax increase that was passed by the voters in 2004 to be used exclusively for police, fire and gang prevention programs. In 2009, the City Council faced a fiscal crisis and attempted to move over $4 million of Measure O money to the General Fund. This year the City Council is asking voters to once again increase the sales tax. They want another quarter cent that would raise the rate to nine and half percent. The additional revenue would be use for police, fire and gang prevention programs, as well as other “essential city services”. Wasn’t that what Measure O money was to be used for? When it comes to proposals to increase taxes credibility is the most important element. The City Council has lost this critical element. They think since Cotati and Rohnert Park were able to raise taxes it should be a slam dunk for Santa Rosa voter to pass this tax measure. Well the City should think again. The lack of credibility makes anything said in support of increased taxes subject to suspicion. Before, asking for more money from voters, who have been negatively impacted by the worst economic recession in over 80 years, voters should expect the City to exhaust all alternatives to raising taxes. This includes renegotiating inflated retirement benefits with the police and fire bargaining units. The City simply has not made the case this is the solution that is now needed.

Measure Q – City of Cloverdale Urban Growth Boundaries
This measure would provide a 20 year Urban Growth Boundary that would protect Cloverdale from development.
Association’s Recommendation: This is not a tax issue, no position taken.

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