Legislature Trying to Sneak One By

AB 29 x 1 is a trailer attached to the 2011-2012 state budget which is still in process after Gov. Brown’s veto. It’s a bill giving Cal Fire the right to set an annual “fire prevention fee” of $150 per structure on any property in their fire responsibility area, statewide. Their justification is that protecting structures costs them dollars and they want this funding for education and prevention.
Calling it a fee prevents us from voting on it. It isn’t limited to residences. Multiplying the number of structures by $150/year runs up fast. A Farm Bureau official said it would be crushing to farming in California.
To read this bill attached to the budget, AB 29 click on: http://www.fdac.org/associations/11258/files/documents/abx1 29 bill 20110614 amended sen v98.pdf
This was passed by both houses and vetoed by Gov. Brown as part of the budget. Since the legislature isn’t being paid now, they are hurrying to get a budget passed, so it’s important to react soon if you disapprove.
This needs to be removed from the next draft of the budget as it applies to almost anyone not in uban area even if you are in a fire district. A provision for refund of fees paid if the agency doesn’t manage to spend it all appears very cumbersome to property owners.
Writing our legislative representatives and the governor may help, and contact any media.

Ellen Jori

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