I Find it Suspicious

….That the 101 freeway expansion (3rd lane from Highway 12 to Steele Lane) opened without fanfare just after the “Train to Nowhere” tax was passed.  Traffic has been improved in a major way, with more to come as the 3rd lane is added from Steele Lane to Windsor.  Did the Sonoma County Transportation Authority, in concert with the SMART District, pruposely postpone the freeway opening until after the election?  Did they fear the voters might see the truth – that the freeway helped solve the traffic problem – negating their “congestion” argument for the train?  Let’s be honest – people will always prefer to drive their own vehilce – even if it runs opn air bubbles – to public transit.  Let’s work with the facts, not suppress them for a hidden political agenda.

Jeanne Levin, Past President, Sonoma County Taxpayers’ Association

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