Equating Public Employees with Military Veterans is Latest Outrage

I read a news item the other day in which a public employee union official seeking to justify the lavish pensions paid to retired public employees said such pensions were appropriate for those having spent a life “in service to the community.” I bristled at the corruption of the term “in service” as that term is generally reserved in recognition of our military service members who have genuinely served our country through their heroic sacrifices.

I then heard the same corruption used again last night (April 5) by Assemblyman Michael Allen at the Sonoma County Pension Seminar hosted by Supervisors Shirlee Zane and David Rabbitt. Allen was one of a panel of speakers including the Sonoma County Taxpayers’ Association President Jack Atkin and Sonoma State economics professor Dr. Robert Eyler brought together by the Supervisors for a discussion of the public employee pension crisis.

Allen, also seeking to justify current pension benefits, referred to public employees as “having dedicated themselves in service to the community.” I more than bristled at this second corruption of the term as it became obvious such misuse is part of an orchestrated strategy by public employee unions and their supporters.

Allen and other public employee union supporters are to be condemned for stealing the honor and recognition justly owed military veterans for political gain. Such actions are nothing less than a theft of valor.

Dan Drummond
Executive Director

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