2014 SoCoTax Voters’ Guide

SoCoTax 2014 Voter’s Guide

Measure E Napa Valley Community College District Bond Issue – no position*

Measure H Santa Rosa Junior College Bond – NO

Measure I Santa Rosa High School District Bond Issue – no position

Measure J Cinnabar School District Bond Issue – NO

Measure K Oak Grove School District Bond Issue – NO

Measure L Santa Rosa Elementary School District Bond Issue – no position

Measure M Sonoma County Library Sales Tax – NO

Measure N Santa Rosa Utility Users Tax – NO

Measure O Cloverdale Utility Users Tax – NO

Measure P Healdsburg Fluoridation Issue – no position

Measure Q Petaluma Sales Tax – NO

Measure R Sebastopol Utility Users Tax – No

Measure S Monte Rio Fire District Parcel Tax – no position

* Portions of the Napa Valley Community College District reach into Sonoma County.

The Napa County Taxpayers’ Association recommends a NO vote on Measure E.

October, 2014 Newsletter Available

Check out SoCoTax’s latest newsletter.  Read about the Association’s positions on upcoming local ballot measures including the Santa Rosa Jr. College $410 million bond measure (Measure H), Petaluma’s 1% sales tax (Measure Q), Santa Rosa’s utility users tax (Measure N) and more.  To download the newsletter, click here.

Bruce Okrepkie to Speak at September 25 Meeting

Join us for our regular monthly meeting on September 25 as Windsor Mayor Bruce Okrepkie joins us to discuss recent happenings in the Town of Windsor.  Cost is $25 for members prepaid by Sept. 22; $30 for all others and walk-ins.  Click the “Donate” link to make your payment/reservation.

SCTA Report on Pensions and Taxes

Sonoma County, Santa Rosa, Sebastopol, Petaluma and Cloverdale are all placing measures on the November ballot seeking to increase or augment existing sales and utility user taxes.  Contrary to the representations of county supervisors (more…)

July Newsletter Available

Read about SRJC’s plans to ask voters for $410 million in new bonds while $175 million from the college’s 2002 bond issue remains outstanding.  To view our July, 2014 newsletter, click here.

Union Leaders Throw Union Workers Under the Bus

We are all aware that labor union leaders like to fashion themselves as guardians of the working class. And while at one time that may have been true, today’s union leadership is rapidly losing claim to that mantle as it leaves more and more working class families and retirees behind. It is undeniably the case that over the years, unions and their leadership have made impressive strides to improve wages, benefits and working conditions for their membership. But today’s union leaders have lost their focus on improving the lives of their membership in general and spend their time and effort instead protecting their own interests and the interests of select subsets of the union family. (more…)