Gabe Gonzalez Honored Flournoy Recipient

Congratulations to Rohnert Park City Manager Gabe Gonzalez, recipient of the Spencer Flournoy Good Government Award. Mr. Gonzalez was recognized for his accomplishments returning Rohnert Park from the brink of bankruptcy to financial solvency at the Associations’ annual meeting on February 16. Congratulations and good job.

Rohnert Park City Manager Visits Association

Rohnert Park’s new city manager Gabe Gonzalez visited the Association at its meeting on November 17 and addressed many of the changes going on in Rohnert Park. Having come to Rohnert Park from the City of Mendota in August, 2010, Gonzales inherited a city on the verge of bankruptcy with only 18 months’ worth of cash available and struggling under the burden of unsustainable employee wage and benefit contracts. (more…)